Thursday, August 5

Warm-up:  Jump rope skill work; Squats; Push-ups.

Strength:  Pull-up:  3 sets of max reps with rest in between attempts; scale to sets of 10-5 negatives.

WOD: 10, 9, 8! (x3)  Double-unders and Squats…this will actually be reps in multiples of 3 (30, 27, 24, etc.) Scale the starting round number as needed.

Post time and notes to comments.


3 responses to “Thursday, August 5

  1. 3:08 – single unders and squats (18, 15, 12, etc.)

  2. can’t remember my time for the single unders and squats. i finished after kelly and paula. and i did 3 sets of 8 negatives for the pull ups.

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