3, 2, 1, GO!

Thursday, August 12

Partner up and get to work!  Remember that on partner workouts the important thing is to keep the intensity up and keep moving.  You don’t have to split the weight evenly; push as hard as you can, then hand off to the other person and take a well-deserved  breather.

Off to the races:
Working with your partner, move a stack of weight from point A to point B.  The catch: the weight cannot touch the ground between the start and the finish.  If it does, you owe us 5 burpees each.  Strategize with your partner to minimize penalties while still moving quickly.


You will start the second portion staggered by your finish time in the first portion (1st place starts first, 2nd place starts X many seconds behind them, etc.).  Whichever team finishes WOD 2 first wins!  Your prize: an hour of personal training with us.

Tighten Up!
800m Farmer’s Walk with KBs
100 situps (only 1 person working at a time)
400m overhead plate carry


9 responses to “3, 2, 1, GO!

  1. Off to the Races: 0:48
    Tighten Up!: 10:49

  2. Off to the Races: 0:37
    Tighten Up!: 11:30
    Way to get it Kim…

  3. Off to the Races: 0:37
    Tighten Up!: 11:30
    Thanks for a great first time girls!

  4. Off to the races: 2:11?
    Tighten up: …15 something?

    25#KB farmers walk, 25# plate carry; with Steph

  5. Actual tighten up time: 14:38 (15:55 with staggered start).

  6. Off to the races: 1:20 (?)
    Tighten up: 13:18 with staggered start

  7. Tighten up: 15 something?
    52 # KB Farmers Walks, 45# plate carry

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