Got some fight in ya?

Inspired by a workout called “Fight Gone Bad”, we’ll be doing three 5-minute rounds, spending 1 minute at each station and moving immediately to the next.  After 5 minutes, you get a minute rest.  The goal is to get as many repetitions of each movement as possible; keep count!

The stations:
* Box Jumps
* Bench Dips
* Ring Rows
* Knees to Elbows
* Pushups


6 responses to “Got some fight in ya?

  1. Loved what I saw this morning – first box jumps for everyone!

  2. 70/85/90. did knee push-ups. box jumps were a mix of jumps and step ups.

  3. 70/66/65 knee push-ups; box jumps begin with steps and ended with solid thumps.

  4. 82/93/96, knee push-ups.

  5. I don’t remember what the scores were for the three rounds. I know my total was 279.

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