Running and burpees, oh my!

Note: check your 400m time from the other week!  (also, no lying – I have them written down, mwahaha)

3 rounds:
* 400m run
* 1 burpee for each second you are off of your 400m time from  August 10

How does it work? Let’s say my 400m time is 1:30.  The first round I am feeling great and run 1:34.  I do 4 burpees.  My second round I run 1:45 = 15 burpees.  Last round out I run 1:48.  18 burpees and done!

The clock runs continuously, so strategize your pace and recovery to minimize overall time and burpees.  Hint: the first round is probably not the time to try to set a new 400m run PR.


2 responses to “Running and burpees, oh my!

  1. Becky has a creative evil streak…I like it! Run fast today troops!

  2. Total time: 11:50 with 53 burpees

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