September 21: Partner Throwdown

Skill: Double under practice! Who’s going to get their first one today??

Strength: Ring dip work

2 people, 1 kettlebell (yeah, I went there…)
10 minutes, as many kettlebell swings as possible

You and a partner will have 1 kettlebell and 1 sandbag to share.  While one partner completes a sandbag sprint, the other partner completes as many KB swings as possible until they get back.  When they return, switch positions and keep on swinging!  The catch?  On the minute, every minute, both people drop what they are doing and do 3 pushups (hands off the ground at the bottom; dynamic at the top for those of you with full pushups).


One response to “September 21: Partner Throwdown

  1. 84 kettlebell swings with 35lbs, not sure how many Brittinay did.

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