September 30: September Benchmark, Take 2

It’s the last day of the month, which means it’s time to see how far you’ve come since the first day of class (or, for those of you who joined us later in the month, just to have some fun and see how you do!).  Check old scores here and get ready to bring it!

September benchmark:
With a 10 minute running clock
Run 400m
Then, as many rounds of 5 pushups/10 squats as possible until time is up

Score is total rounds completed.


4 responses to “September 30: September Benchmark, Take 2

  1. 13 Rounds; Pushups: hands off the ground at the bottom.

    • Nice work!! Those hands off the ground (the new “crossfit standard” in pushups) are no joke! Just saw a recent blurb about them on Sealfit: ‘Though the CrossFit Games push-up seems like a rest – don’t let appearances fool you. No room for crappy range of motion when you come to a full-stop and take your hands off the ground in the down position. “

  2. 13.5 with knee pushups for first 11 and wall pushups for last 3, YAY!

  3. 9 with knee pushups… I’m hoping that I will get faster at squats, having proper form takes a lot of mental concentration!!!

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