October 12: Hunt and Gather

Today’s workout is inspired by Mark’s Daily Apple and the brilliantly executed “Grok feasts” and the many versions of Caveman games.  Unleash your inner Bam Bam or Pebbles and get ready to jump, crawl, run, and carry heavy things today!

Skill test: 2 minutes, max rep situps

Working as a team:
The Hunt:
4-person relay with everyone completing 2 rounds:
10m broad jump
20m bear crawl
30m medicine ball throw and run
30m sprint with medicine ball
30m sprint

The Carry
Each 4-person team will have 1 sandbag and 2 kettlebells (one light, one heavy).  At any given time, three people must be holding weight.  Cover 800m as quickly as possible; change weights as necessary.

The Gather (individual event)
In 90 seconds:
Sprint to kettlebell
Sprint back to starting position with kettlebell
Max reps goblet squats in remaining time


4 responses to “October 12: Hunt and Gather

  1. skill test: 54 sit ups
    the hunt (partner – Paula): I don’t remember our time… only that it was under 5 minutes.
    the carry: ummmmm, don’t remember this one either
    the gather: 27 squats with 20lb kettle bell

  2. Skill Test: 59 situps
    The Hunt: 6:36
    The Carry: 5:51
    The Gather: 26 squats with 35 kettlebells

  3. Skill Test: 60 situps
    The Hunt and The Carry were with Meg and Susan… times above.
    The Gather 21 squats with 25 kettlebells

    I think I will be comfortable moving up to the 35 kettlebell for things…

  4. Skill test: 53 situps

    Lost count on the gather.

    This was a fun one! Hope we do it again when I’m not recovering from a butt charley horse!

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