October 19: Press it Up

Strength: Work up to a heavy 1 rep max shoulder press with dumbbells/kettlebells.

Workout: Alternating Tabata of jumping squats and push press (using your new 1RM for press!).  Note: by alternating, means 1 round jumping squats, 1 round push press, etc.

What is a Tabata? Glad you asked!  Tabata is the name of a Japanese exercise scientist who discovered a simple and efficient way of improving both anaerobic and aerobic capacity simultaneously.  The execution is simple; for a given exercise:

1) For twenty seconds, do as many repetitions as possible.
2) Rest for ten seconds
3) Repeat seven more times!

To quote awesome trainer Dan John: “Before we talk about the exercises, let’s take a moment to be perfectly clear about what we’re doing. This isn’t “eight sets of [X]” … Instead it’s “as many reps as I can get in” during the twenty seconds, followed by ten seconds rest.”

Post max press and total reps for each Tabata exercise to comments.

Also, check out the video below for a good visual demonstration of press versus push press.  Note how the movement becomes more explosive when you add in the hips!


5 responses to “October 19: Press it Up

  1. 20 lb dumbells was my max
    round 1: sq:15; pp:7
    round 2: sq:12; pp:7
    round 3: sq: 10; pp:7
    round 4: sq:9; pp4
    round 5: sq:11; pp4
    round 6: sq:11; pp3
    round 7: sq11; pp3
    round 8: sq11; pp3

    Thanks Paula for helping me keep my squats up!

  2. this was hard
    i was using 35# dumb bells
    round 1: sq:15; pp:8
    round 2: sq:12; pp:7
    round 3: sq: 12; pp:7
    round 4: sq:12; pp:6
    round 5: sq:10; pp4
    round 6: sq:10; pp:3
    round 7: sq:9; pp:4
    round 8: sq10; pp:3

  3. 25# dumbells were my max.
    round 1: 16sq, -pp (switched to 20# bells for the rest of the workout)
    round 2: 11sq, 6pp
    round 3: 11sq, 4pp
    round 4: 9sq, 5pp
    round 5: 10sq, 5pp
    round 6: 6sq, 4pp
    round 7: 9sq, 2pp
    round 8: 10sq, 4pp

  4. 15# was my max
    1: 10? squats, 11 pp
    2: 13, 11
    3: 13, 9
    4: 13, 7
    5: 13, 6
    6: 13, 4
    7: 13.5, 5
    8: 14.5, 4

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