October 21: Thirty Minutes

Strength: 3 sets of max reps of heavy goblet squats.  Post weight and reps to comments.

4 rounds for time:
400m run
20 pullups
20 pushups (hands off the ground at bottom)
20 situps
30 minute cutoff

We train across a wide variety of time durations, and today we’re going long.  Push yourself to keep up the intensity and try to finish before the clock!


5 responses to “October 21: Thirty Minutes

  1. Goblet squats:

    1. banded pullups for r1, then ring row for r2,3,4
    2. knee pushups for all

  2. Goblet squats:
    25#: 15
    30#: 11
    40#: 6

    Workout: 23:21
    1. 3 rounds
    2. full body push ups except for 7 knee pushups in round 2.
    3. very scaled ring rows

  3. I didn’t do the squats… WOD: 18:something

  4. Goblet squats were a bust. My knee went nuts.

    Workout: 25:00
    Assistance band for pullups. Last round I worked in some jumping pullups.

  5. Goblet squats: 12@ 25#, 7@ 35#, 7@ 35#

    23:15 WOD w/ scaled ring rows and knee pushups

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