October 28: Team Up

Skill: Double under practice

Team Up
In teams of 3, complete the following exercises:

100 push presses
100 pullups
100 double unders (or 500 single unders)
100 toes to bar
100 squats
Buddy carry/weighted sprint to the finish!  (2 people involved in buddy carry, 3rd person carries weights from push press)

Notes: You must move through all of the stations as a team, with only one person working at a time.  Divide up reps however you want–remember that this is about keeping up intensity as a TEAM.  (Courtney says “one person can do all of the reps at one station, but that’s probably not smart”).  Must finish all reps at one station before moving to the next.

Example of buddy carry from Crossfit LA:


2 responses to “October 28: Team Up

  1. Our time was 21 something…maybe 21:26. Scaling- ring rows instead of pullups.

  2. Paula, Sarah and I finished in 20:05. We did single unders, scaled ring rows instead of pull ups, and more like knees above waist than toes to bar.

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