November 9: Preventing a cold?

Just as we’re moving into cold and flu season, new research suggests working out might help prevent colds! (as if you needed more incentive to come to class 🙂

Strength: 3 sets max rep pullups (or pullup negatives)

30-20-10 rep rounds of:
Push Press
Front Squat
Overhead Walking Lunge


6 responses to “November 9: Preventing a cold?

  1. 2.9 pullups with the blue band and the rest pull-up negatives

    10:02 WOD with 10# DBs

  2. pull up negatives 5x3sets
    10:48 WOD with 20# db’s – really really sore tues, weds, and now thurs. i’ve been stretching a lot to help recover.

    • Glad to hear you are doing some good self-care! We’ll give those lunging and squatting muscles a slight rest today 🙂

  3. pull up negatives 5 x 3 sets
    7:03 WOD with #7lb db for push press, substituded 60-40-20 on rowing machine for squats and lunges due to knee issues. My upper body and back really hurt; like Craig I have been stretching a lot.

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