Give thanks for…


All workouts should be done before next Tuesday; post your times/experiences in the comments below.  You can do them in any order…go for it and have fun!

Workout 1
August Benchmark – compare to this
400m run
5 rounds:
10 pushups
10 lunges (5R/5L, alternating)
10 leg raises
400 m run

Workout 2
10-9-8-7…down to 1 rep rounds of:
Bench dips

Workout 3
For time:
75 pushups w/hand release on the ground
Run 5K
Have a great Thanksgiving!

3 responses to “Give thanks for…

  1. Workout 2- 5:12

  2. Workout 1 – 9:41 last 2 sets of PU’s were on knees. Also the 400 might not have been accurate – around the soccer field at Walker School.

  3. Workout 3- 35:26

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