December 2: Squatz!

Skill: Introduction to the back squat and work up to 5 rep max

Up until now, we’ve done a lot of air squats and have done variations on front squats (weighted squats where the weight is at the front of your body).  Today, we’re going to move the weight onto your back and some of you are going to get under a barbell for the first time.

5 rounds for time:
5 lateral box “overs” (jump laterally over the top of a bench/box and land on the other side.  1 R/1 L = 1)
20 yd bear crawl
10 burpees

Post weight for squats and workout time to comments.


2 responses to “December 2: Squatz!

  1. Back squat 5 rep max: 96 lbs
    Workout: 8:16

  2. Back squat 5 rep max – 76 lbs

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