January 4: Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!  While the year may have changed, some things stay the same…such as, burpees are awesome…

3 sets max pullups
If you are still working on that first one, 3×7 slow, controlled negatives

21-15-9 rounds, for time:
Dumbbell Thrusters (35/25)
Anchored Situps (w/dumbbells over feet)

Post weights used and time to comments.


6 responses to “January 4: Happy New Year!

  1. Blake needs a day off

    10:43 – 21 thrusters @ 40#, 15+9 thrusters @ 45#

  2. thank goodness the keyboard isn’t any higher than it is or else I would be able to lift my arms to post this… 10:08 @ 15# for all 3 rounds

  3. 11:27 with 15# dumbbells and lots of pull-ups with the blue band

  4. 10:52, 15 thrusters at 20lbs, 6 at 15lbs, remaining back at 20lbs.

    Pull Ups: 6 kipping, 3 dead-hang, 6 kipping

  5. 10:08, with 20 lb dumbbells

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