January 13: Jump Around

Practice: double unders (note: one day every week or so is not going to get major forward progress on DUs…bust out those jump ropes at home!)

20 minutes, as many rounds as possible:
20 double unders (substitute tuck jumps if you don’t have DUs)
5 kb clean & jerk R
5 kb clean & jerk L

Post weights used and total rounds to comments.


4 responses to “January 13: Jump Around

  1. 10.5 rounds with 20# KB

  2. 7 rounds with 25 lb KB

  3. Blake needs a day off

    DU’s as RX’d w/HSPU (negatives) x5 per round

    6 rounds + 20 DU’s & 1 HSPU (negative)

  4. Trying to remember…

    I think it was 5 rounds (full double unders) + 5 KB clean & jerk right using 15 – 20 lbs depending on what was available.

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