January 25: Maxing Out

-20 minutes to work up to heavy back squat-
Back Squat 5-3-1-1-1
Work up to a heavy single.  This should be a heavy effort with good form.   Start near your 3×5 weight and move up.

-After back squat-
500m row for time

10 minutes, as many rounds as possible:
* 20 box jumps
* 10 DB thrusters (25/40)

New to the rower?  Go here for some general introduction.

Post max squat, 500m time, and rounds completed to comments.


8 responses to “January 25: Maxing Out

  1. Blake needs a day off

    Squat: 250#
    500m: 1:27.7
    4 rnds + 20 box jump & 5 thrusters (finished out set after time)

  2. 75# max back squat
    2:05 for 500m row
    4 rnds plus 8 box jumps

  3. Susan can't add

    85# BS

  4. 106# “max” back squat (I could do a bit more but I had already used up my three chances)

    2:00 for 500m row (I will be redoing that one soon. With 20 or so meters to go I thought I heard a beep (my eyes were shut) and stopped, thinking I was done. Yeah, that was a big fail.)

    4 rounds + 5 jumps

  5. 135 # back squat
    1:56 (I think) 500m row
    5 rounds plus 20 jumps and 2 thrusters

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