January 27: Pair Up

Strength: Deadlift 3×3 (@ 80% of 1RM)

Then, with a partner, complete the following in any order:
100 pullups (no bands, partner assist if you need help!)
100 wall balls
100 pushups

Only one person is working at a time.  Remember, this is about keeping the intensity up, not about ensuring a strict 50/50 on the work.  Switch off as soon as you start to fatigue!

Core Closeout: Planks!
2 rounds of 45 second hold center, left, and right.  Minute rest between rounds.


6 responses to “January 27: Pair Up

  1. Blake needs a day off

    DL @ 210#

    [(10) PU, (10) 55# KB swing, (10) push ups] x 5: 10:28

  2. Susan smash

    Charles and I finished in 16:24. Not sure whether it was the plank holds or pullups, or both, but it was touch and go for a while during dinner… I thought Chris was going to have to feed me because I could hardly hold a fork!

  3. Susan smash

    80# DL, btw

  4. Tony, Brittinay and I split 150 of each in 24:26.

  5. Sarah and I finished in 19:20. Becky assisted on some of the pull ups. My arms were shot for the next 4 days.

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