February 1: Box Squats

Double Under  practice/work on mobility issues (open your hips/posterior chain!)

10×2 dynamic effort box squats (use ~70% of your 1RM from last week)
-rest 60 seconds between sets-
Dynamic effort means FAST out of the hole, sit for 2 seconds on the box then explode out of the bottom, contracting glutes and hamstrings.

12 minutes, as many rounds as possible:
* 15 situps
* 10 goblet squats (70/52)
* 5 pushups

Post weights used, rounds completed, fun thoughts, etc. to comments.

Good write up on why we keep telling you to track your scores!


5 responses to “February 1: Box Squats

  1. 60# squats

    7 rnds plus situps and 8 squats, 25# KB and real pushups!

  2. Blake needs a day off

    175# squats; 10 rounds (sub) 70# dumbbell

  3. 75lb squats, 10 or 11 rounds plus situps – 35lb kb

  4. 95 lb squats; 10 rounds 52lb kb (used abmat for situps, nice!)

  5. 35lb kb. I think I got through the sit ups on Round 10. Mostly did full body push ups (probably 2 rounds of knee push ups).

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