February 3: Again, Faster!

Warm Up:
4 intervals of 250m row sprint
-rest 30 seconds in between efforts-

Clearly, we have some equipment limitations.  Pick a skill you want to work on–handstands, L-sits, kipping pullups, pistols, ring dips, etc.–and spend some time developing your skills while you are waiting for the rower.

3×5 barbell shoulder press

8 minute AMRAP, courtesy of Again Faster:
Ascending ladder of KB swings (70/52) and DB thrusters (40/25).
You do 1 KB swing/1 DB thruster, 2 KB swings/2 DB thrusters, etc. until the 8 minutes has passed.  This is continuous, not “on the minute.” Aim to hit round 10/10 or higher!

Post thoughts, weights, and rounds completed to comments.


4 responses to “February 3: Again, Faster!

  1. Blake needs a day off

    120# barbell shoulder press — (sub 70# DB) 9 rnds + 10 DB swings

    Presses were good – been a while. Thrusters slowed me down a bit on the met. Sprints to warm up? Read several places that erg scores change little if done before or after strength training but negatively impact strength training when done before. I know the “competition defense” regarding this programming choice but logically wouldn’t everyone be better off getting a better overall workout (i.e. more physical work accomplished)? I suppose regular pre-exhaustion might be a good choice for serious competitors but used sporadically it seems like it would just kick your workout in the nuts. Either way my legs were already blown from running and earlier workouts this week. I did the erg at the end. 1:29, 1:33, 1:35, and 1:34 splits.

  2. Susan smash

    Ran 20 mins instead of erg. Shoulder press with 22 then 20# DBs.

    8/8 w/ 55# KB and 20# DBs

  3. Left arm was shot from previous workout so I only did 12# DBs. Made it through the end of round 10. (was moving upward on the last DB thruster when time ran out).

  4. I think the barbell shoulder press was 45 lb bar. Then 10 rounds plus 11 swings with 52 lb KB and 25 lb DB

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