February 8: Front Squats!

Warm up with dynamic drills to open those hips (e.g., bear crawls, mountain climbers)

Front Squat 5-3-1-1-1

Partner up!  Working in teams of 2, complete the following:
400m run
100 wall ball
100 pushups
100 kb swings (52/35)
100 situps
400m run

Only one person may work at a time (except on the run…do that together!) and you must finish all of one exercise before you move on to the next.  Clock doesn’t stop until both of you complete the run.

Some serious strength:

Post thoughts, weights used, and times to comments.


4 responses to “February 8: Front Squats!

  1. I don’t remember our time for the partner portion I think it was around 22 minutes.

    Front squat – 85 lbs, might be able to do a tiny bit more.

    Please can we do more partner workouts? I like the variety and I always feel the right level of wrecked the next day.

  2. Blake needs a day off

    185# bench press: 6 reps, 3 sets
    30# weighted pull ups: 6 reps, 3 sets
    200# front squat, def had more but didn’t want to push since its been a while

    500m erg, 60 push ups, 60 db swings @55#, 60 dropping inclined db presses @30#, 60 sculler sit-ups, 500m erg: 14:38

  3. Hi friends! Please feel free to post more feed back here on what you like/don’t like, want to see more of! Lots of good feed back on the group WODs so we will continue with those. How about the extra lifting we have been programming? Anything else you want to add? Let me know, we want to hear from you 🙂

  4. Front Squats, 135 lb
    22:04 with partner

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