February 15: Squats and Tabatas

5×5 back squat (use 65-70% of 1RM)

Air Squats
Toe Touches (feet touch floor over head like on toes to bar)
KB Swings (52/35)
Lateral jumps over KB (no behind/in front of the bell shenanigans)

You will complete one full Tabata cycle (4 minutes of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off) of each exercises.  Your score is your lowest score on each exercise.  One minute rest in between exercises.

Post weights and scores to comments.


4 responses to “February 15: Squats and Tabatas

  1. 65# back squat

    14 squats, 8 toe touches, 10 KB swings (Rx but to neck height or so), 9 lateral jumps

    I like the toe touches, especially because I can’t do toes to bar, but we’ve got to warm up the back/neck before doing those and not just jump right in without stretching first and try to do them really quickly.

  2. 2 rounds back squat at 85lbs, heard/felt a sharp pop in my knee, backed it down to 75 lbs for remaining rounds.


  3. 85 lb back squats. becky has a photo on her iphone of my workout counts.

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