February 17: Aim High!

Skill: Max height box jump

Once you miss, work on a skill of choice (DUs, pistols, handstands, etc.) until everyone has completed box jumps

In teams of 2:
100 double unders (sub 300 single unders)
100 pushups
100 sit ups

Partner A (PA) runs 400m while partner B (PB) starts working on the first exercise.  If PB finishes one exercise, they move on to the next until PA returns from the run.  PA picks up where PB left off, and PB goes off on the run.  Continue this until all movements are completed.

Note: If one partner returns *before* the 100 situps are finished, the clock does not stop until the situps are finished AND the partner returns from the run (so even if you have 2 situps left…if your partner is back and it’s time to switch, your clock keeps rolling!)

Post jumps, times, and thoughts to comments!


2 responses to “February 17: Aim High!

  1. Tony and I finished in 16:46

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