February 22: Kettlebell 300

Warm Up/Skill Introduction: KB Snatch and KB Overhead Squat
The videos below are some great visual resources.  These are challenging movements.  The overhead squat in particular will challenge both your strength and flexibility.  Have fun!

5×5 back squat
Go 5-10# heavier than last week.  This should be getting challenging by the last set.

Kettlebell 300:
Using the same KB (52/35), complete the following, in order:
50 Deadlifts
50 Goblet Squats
50 Swings
50 Snatch (25 each side – try sets of 5 on each arm!)
50 Overhead Squat (25 each side)
50 Lunges (25 each side; hold KB any way you want)

Note that you may need to scale down in order to execute the last 3 movements successfully.  There is no changing weight mid-workout, so choose a weight that you can use throughout.  If you are kind of light on the first movements, just go hard.  Keep that intensity up throughout.

(More) Core!
max L-hold (on parallettes or pullup bars)

How to KB Snatch, some tips:

KB Snatch Corrections


3 responses to “February 22: Kettlebell 300

  1. Back squat – 80 lbs

    WOD 15:41, 20 lb KB, overhead squat to bench (cannot for the life of me keep my arm straight. Possibly a flexibility issue?)

    max L-hold: 1:03

  2. BS 70#, 15:11 w/ 15lb KB, and 30 secs or so L-sit

  3. Paula Gunter

    Back squat 90lbs. Not sure I’ve ever done 300 of anything but today I did the kettle bell 300 challenge in 16:52 with a 20lb bell.

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