February 24: Deads, Burpees, and Supermen

Skill: Pick a skill (any skill!) and work on it for 10 minutes.  Have fun, but work hard at improving!

3-3-3 Deadlifts
Warm up to the weight that you finished with here for your first work set.  Add weight to next 3 sets as appropriate.

Dips (rings, dip station, or bench, as necessary)

Core Closeout:
20 hollow rocks
20 supermanzzz



4 responses to “February 24: Deads, Burpees, and Supermen

  1. Paula Gunter

    Deadlift 130# 6:03 on 21-15-9 workout.

  2. Nice work Paula! That is a strong deadlift!

  3. WOD – I think it was 6:57

    1st round dips – ring dip negatives
    2nd, 3rd rounds – bench dips

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