March 1: Taking Turns

Back Squat: 5×5, add 5# to last week’s weight

I go, you go…
Working with a partner, do 5-10-15-10-5 of:
– Kettlebell swings (35/52)
– Wall Ball
– Burpees

Partner A does 5 swings, then partner B does 5 swings.  Partner A does 10 swings; B does 10, etc.  The goal is to do each set unbroken, but do not scale to accomplish this.  The round of 15 will be challenging, but you can do it!

3x max plank holds

post weights and times to comments


3 responses to “March 1: Taking Turns

  1. 115 lb for backsquats. Didn’t finish WOD because I got dizzy, had 15 burpies left. BOO! One day, I will dominate that one! hehe

  2. 85 lbs for backsquat

    WOD- 13:33, light wall ball, 35 lb kb

  3. WOD
    a.m. – w/Paula, 14# wall ball and 35# KB – finished ~15:00 (?)

    p.m. – w/Brittinay, 14# wall ball and 45# KB – DNF around 11:30 w/10&5 burpees left.

    fun times!

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