March 29: Jump and Fight

Max height box jump (compare here)

-Then, variation on “Fight Gone Bad”
You will do three 5-minute rounds, spending 1 minute at each station and moving immediately to the next.  After 5 minutes, you get a minute rest.  The goal is to get as many repetitions of each movement as possible; keep count!

3 rounds for max reps, 1 minute at each station:
* DB Push Press
* Box Jumps
* Ring Rows
* KB Sumo Deadlift High-Pull
* Row (for calories)
-1 min rest-

Keep a running total of your points and post to comments.


3 responses to “March 29: Jump and Fight

  1. 226 (push press 15#, kb 25#, scaled ring rows)

  2. 245 (25# push press, 35 # KB)

  3. Added a plate to the max box jump. 225 WOD, 15# push press and 25# KB

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