April 5: Zero to 60

Today’s workout is a variation on a Crossfit classic called the “Filthy Fifty”.

With a partner, complete 60 reps of…
Box Jumps (24″ box)
Jumping pullups
KB Swings (35#)
Walking Lunges (60 steps, 30 each leg)
Knees to Elbows
DB Push Press (20#)
Back Extensions (“Supermans”)
Wall Ball (14#)
Double Unders (sub 5x single unders, or 300 jumps)

Only one of you works at a time, and you must complete each exercise before moving on to the next.

Post times to comments.


3 responses to “April 5: Zero to 60

  1. 27:27
    Scaled to 15 lbs for push press.
    Had a bit of a meltdown around the wall ball and burpees.

  2. Partnered with Sarah.
    29:something. maybe 29:11. i was delirious by then.

  3. 29:11 partnered with Charles

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