April 7: Off to the (relay) races

Work up to a 1RM Shoulder Press

Relay Races
In teams of 2, with one person working at a time, complete the following rounds (1 round=each person down/back for a total of ~100m):
Broad Jump
Sandbag Carry
Farmer’s Walk

Post weights and times to comments.


4 responses to “April 7: Off to the (relay) races

  1. 60 lb 1RM Shoulder Press
    9:15 Relay

    Extra Credit
    11 rounds + 6 pull up ladder, might have gotten 12 but decided to save my skin

  2. 120# 1RM Back squat
    50# 1RM Shoulder press
    9:40 relay

  3. I think my max shoulder press was 60#.
    Relay partner: Sarah
    Time: 11… something. I think it was 11:14 or 11:40. couldn’t hear so well over my panting and pounding heart. 🙂

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