April 12: Time for a goat

While you may only know goats for their delicious cheese, “goat” also refers to an exercise you are bad at and/or hate.  For most of you, I think one (or both) of two movements currently fall into the goat category: double unders and burpees.

15 minutes to establish 1RM weighted ring dip
(If you don’t have ring dips, spend 15 minutes practicing on parallettes or with bands)

Workout – “Goat Crusher” (or perhaps “Crushed by Goat”??)
200 double unders for time

NO SUBSTITUTIONS.  There will be no tuck jumps, no 5x singles for doubles: you will either do 200 completed doubles (if you already have double unders) or 200 attempts (if you do not yet have double unders).

The double under learning curve.

What other goats do you have?  Post thoughts, weights, and times to comments.


One response to “April 12: Time for a goat

  1. 1 RM – 20lbs
    Goat – 19:37

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