April 21: Resetting the Back Squat

5×5 Back Squat
Use 60% of the 1RM you established on March 31.  We will keep moving up from here.

 Team Workout
With one person working at a time, complete:
50 medicine ball situps
100 pullups
150 walking lunges w/medicine ball overhead
200 squats

Post weights and times to comments.


3 responses to “April 21: Resetting the Back Squat

  1. Back squat 75#. (had some shoulder pain issues)

    Partnered with Jules for the workout. Our time was around 17:36.

    I will consider it satisfactory improvement if the next time we do this workout my legs don’t give out on the way to the car. 🙂 I also hope to not be driving stick the next time we do a leg intensive session.

  2. not sure of my weight here. maybe 65#? think it was less than kim & paula. completed race with kim– time around 17:36. super sore from this one!

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