May 10: And, we’re back!

granted, the morning class wasn’t so happy to see me…

5×5 back squat, add 5-10# from last time

For time:
800 m run
50 box jumps
50 pullups (sub bands or jumping, as necessary)
50 KB swings (52/35)
50 pushups
800m run

Many of you have accomplished past goals – what’s next? Post times and new goals to comments!


2 responses to “May 10: And, we’re back!

  1. we were happy to see you… until you told us the workout 😉

    My time was something just over 27 minutes. All full body push ups, 35# kb, 5 pull ups with the band then switched to jumping pull ups. Injured foot from being slide tackled at soccer game. Jumped up on box jumps but had to step down.

  2. oh … aaannnnnnndd … i think my squats were 90 lbs.

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