May 26: Relay Races

3x max dead hang pullups
(sub 3x max ring rows if you are still working on pullups)

In teams of 2, complete:
-50 squats –
Farmer’s Walk
Bear Crawl
-50 pushups-
Sandbag sprint
Slosh tube walk
-50 burpees-

Only one person will be working at a time.  For the sets of 50 squats, 50 pushups, and 50 burpees, you will split the work as necessary to get 50 done as a team.  For the other exercises, each person will complete one out and back circuit.

Post pullups and times to comments.


One response to “May 26: Relay Races

  1. Blake needs a day off

    Bear Crawl is rough.

    Susan and I were ~16:30
    Meg and Tony were ~14:30

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